End of 2021 & Beyond!

Hey y'all!

We hope everyone is having a safe & enjoyable holiday season! From the Defense Breed, we would like to personally welcome the entire SHIB Army to our Official Communications Portal once again! If you haven't already, please check out our welcome blog post here:


For the Breeds in general and for the communication going forward, we're going to get a bit more transparent with what we are doing behind the scenes within the Breeds. We'll be stepping out into the spotlight a bit more, but with that, we will still need to protect the full scope of the project to protect the community from scams that pop up. Remember, if it doesn't come from us directly on our Official Blog, Twitter, and/or Discord, then assume that it is either a scam or just trying to "act" apart of the ecosystem. We will ALWAYS provide you the latest information on the platforms we have listed.

Huge shoutout to Queenie, who did a phenomenal job Co-Hosting the AMA! From everyone on Discord who was listening in and spamming the channels, they loved you! AMAZING JOB!

Missed the AMA? No problem! You can view the recording of the AMA at the link below!

For the Announcements overview that came out of the AMA, see the list below!

  • $BONE is confirmed as the token that will be used as gas in #Shibarium.
  • ShibaNet is currently undergoing an audit.
  • Doggy DAO Multiple Phases
  • ShibaSwap V2 Portal
  • Shiba Inu Games - 2 different games
  • Next AMA is with Watcher Guru on 2.22.22

For communicating these events, we will be utilizing the Events feature within Discord to bring more transparency and communication to the community across all platforms (Twitter, Telegram, Discord, and of course, our new blog!). We will have more AMA's and Events to share in the future!

Looking back on 2021, we accomplished a fair bit! For 2022, we feel the best way to understand what we are all thinking right now is with a video clip. Happy New Year SHIBARMY and see you in a few days ;) !